A Thread Gauge is used to check the quality of the thread. In other words, it can measure the internal and external thread of precision components. It is an essential component of precision & general engineering industry . We at Thread Gauge Products Pvt Ltd, cater to the niche segment of manufacturing of variety of gauges. All our gauges are manufactured to precise specifications, standards and tolerance pre-agreed with the customers. An indicative list of our products is as below.

Ring Gauge

A ring gauge is a component so designed that its internal diameter is used to measure the external diameter of an object. We are at the forefront of providing best quality Ring Gauges. Ring Gauges are manufactured in sets of 'Go' and the 'No Go'. There are also the Master and Setting Ring Gauges.
We essentially manufacture 2 broad types of Ring Gauges:

  • Plain Ring Gauge
  • Thread Ring Gauge

Plug Gauge

Plug Gauges are primarily used to measure the diameters (or hole size) in various applications. A Plug Gauge has a smaller end called the ‘Go’ and a larger end called the ‘No Go’. We are among the prominent suppliers of quality Plug Gauges in the industry.

We manufacture 3 broad types of Plug Gauges:

  • Plain Plug Gauge
  • Thread Plug Gauge
  • Hole Gauge

Special Varieties of Thread Ring and Thread Plug Gauges:

American/ Unified Standard Gauges

British Standard Gauges – BS Gauges & G Gauges

Acme & Stub Acme Gauges

Trapezoidal Gauges

Metric Standard Gauges

Taper Gauges

Snap Gauge

Snap Gauge is in the form of the letter C. The outer end is the ‘Go’ while the inner end is referred to as the ‘No Go’. It is used to check diameters, lengths and thicknesses of various objects.

Special Taps, Ground Lock Nut, Ground Screw

The above list is only indicative and not exhaustive.
We also specialize in manufacturing Customised Gauges which are tailor-made to fit the end-user requirements based on various standards and specifications. If you have any tolerances/specifications or any specific requirements please feel free to get in touch with us.

All our products are NABL certified before shipping.